A Visit To Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

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Hi! I’m Renae and I work on the Florida Leisure Vacation Homes front desk and recently I was asked if I wanted to visit Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party with my family and then, to write about it for the Florida Leisure blog. Of course, I jumped at the chance to visit Magic Kingdom and take in one of the years best special events!

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween

I was so excited to finally get to the gate and as we walked in, the firs thing I noticed were decorations … they were awesome and, I should add, not too scary for my 4 year old niece Breanna that we were toting.

Cinderella Meet & Greet

As we walked into the park, the main theater was the first thing we saw, and this is where we did the meet & greet with Cinderella, Aurora & Rapunzel. It was awesome!

We then journeyed on into Tomorrow Land and we climbed aboard the Buzz Lightyear ride, shooting Aliens and spinning through the galaxy.

After that, we went on to ride the Tea Cups in Fantasy Land, and then to ride Dumbo, all the while stopping and collecting candy at the various Trick – or- Treat stations that were marked with huge lighted  Mickey Pumpkins.

By now the evening was flying by and as we circled around to Liberty Square we headed in the “It’s A Small World” ride. I had always heard about that ride all of my life, and I know some people have a love/hate relationship with it, but for me it was just as amazing as I had been told.  The next stop on our journey had to be “The Haunted Mansion” ride. The great thing about the attraction is that it gives you the option to journey through the cemetery or just go straight into the ride. We opted for the cemetery, which turned out to be the right choice as it was very cool. The ride also had some of the greatest effects but rest assured, nothing not too scary for our little one.

Just as we were exiting the Haunted Mansion, we were in perfect time for the “Hallowishes” fireworks display… simply one of the best we have ever seen. Once the firework display had finished we then dashed to see the “Boo To You” parade.  It turned out to be our favorite part of the evening. The performances were perfect and leading the way was the “Headless Horseman.”  The “Headless Horseman’ is the prelude to the parade and it’s really quite eerie as well as impressive as he comes riding through the park and down Main Street on a huge black horse.

Headless Horseman at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween

With the parade over, we then headed to the “Pirates of The Caribbean” ride, and on our way, the 4 year old looks at me and says “Can we live here?”…I wish. LOL. But, perhaps the best part of our family adventure came as we were walking out to the ferry boat that shuttles you back to the parking lot. It was then I heard my mom say “ I can’t believe I waited this long to come here.” She turns 62 next month.

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween

It just goes to show you can never visit Walt Disney soon enough! If you haven’t been before or you’re delaying making a visit, I urge you to do so sooner than later. To hear my mother say “I can’t believe I waited this long to come here” really hit home and it shows how quickly life passes us by and what really is important to each of us. All in all an amazing, magical and memorable evening. One we all hope to do again before too long.

Hope you enjoyed my first blog post… wonder what I’ll write about next!

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