American Idol evicts two

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Last night was results night on American Idol and it threw up something of a surprise when Jasmine Murray and Megan Corkrey were invited down to center stage. In my opinion both of them deserved to go through to next week but it wasn’t to be as Murray was sent home as the judges refused to “save” her.

Megan Corkrey looks delighted at surviving the cut at last nightss Idol.
Megan Corkrey looks delighted at surviving the cut at last nights’s Idol.

The “save’ is this years new rule and the judges can only use it just once in the season. Apparently they introduced it after seeing some shocking eliminations in the past with people like Chris Daughtry and Michael Johns (last year) exiting the show rather too early for some tastes.

Last nights results were based on the efforts of the remaining 13 performers to do their version of a Michael Jackson song. Some were good, only was was really good and the rest were pretty mediocre but my pick for the worst two of the night were Anoop Desai and Jorge Nunez. Both of these two deserved to be evicted from the show so it was no surprise when both were called down to center stage and made to wait for their fate.

Earlier in the evening we’d been forced to endure the “music’ of Kanye West but this time Ryan Seacrest called upon Kelly Clarkson to sing her new hit “My Life Would Suck Without You”. We then returned to the decision…was it to be Anoop or was it to be Jorge?

Frankly, I didn’t care which as I knew my life would be better without having to watch either of them again but it was Jorge who was asked to sing again while the judges decided whether to save him.

Simon Cowell gives the tumbs down to Jorge Nunez
Simon Cowell gives the thumbs down to Jorge Nunez

Fortunately Simon Cowell gave a resounding “No” and Jorge was done. I like Simon. He keeps it simple and he’s not afraid of telling people what he really thinks.

So overall the right decisions were made if one boy and one girl had to go but I’d far rather the show kept Jasmine Murray than Anoop Desai. The other thing to note about the new forumla is that we now only get to know who the two people with the lowest votes were. Even though Megan and Anoop were called to the stage, it’s really not clear if they actually were the third and fourth lowest in the voting.

So, what do you think? Do you like the new system? Were the right people sent home? Who’s your favorite?

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