And now for some GOOD news…

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All the talk in the press is generally of a negative nature… very little air time or article time is devoted to good news so I thought I’d share a few facts with you I picked up recently from Jeff Thredgold, President of Thredgold Economic Associates:

1. The middle and lower middle class had stronger income gains in 2007 than did one-firth of households.

2. Donations to charity set an all time high in 2007. More than $300 billion was donated by individuals, foundations and corporations.

3. Men’s contribution to housework has doubled over the past 40 years, while their time spent on child care has tripled.

4. US exports to China have risen roughly 24% per year since 2001, making China the fastest growing market for US goods.

5.  The number of people who have quit smoking, 46 million, now exceeds the number who still smoke, 45 million.

6. For every dollar of US economic output generated today, we burn less than half as much oil as 30 years ago.

See, it’s not such a bad place that we all live in is it? There’s much work to do to make things better for everyone but if only the media reported some of the good news stuff, we’d all feel much happier. It’s a little bit like our battle at Florida Leisure Vacation Homes to educate people that a vacation home is a great place to stay and that you don’t have to be couped up in a 400 sq. ft hotel room when on vacation. One day the press will get that story… can’t wait to see what they make of it!

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