Annual Pass Prices Go Up at Universal

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Universal Orlando has announced significant prices increases for two of its popular annual pass ticket choices. Orlando locals and frequent attendees to Universal’s parks can expect to pay $20 – $60 more per annual pass in the new year. The Power Pass, which does not include parking and features blackout dates, was $139.99 for Florida residents in 2010 and has risen by $20 to $159.99 in 2011.

Also added are several additional blackout weeks during the busy summer season at the Islands of Adventure theme park with the idea being  to limit attendance in the exceptionally busy Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which was overwhelmed with crowds in 2010.

The price of the Premier pass, which includes parking and features no blackout dates, has risen a whopping $60, from $289.99 for Florida residents to $349.99. This huge price increase is not unexpected given the popularity of the place since Potter opened but it’s still something of a risk for Universal to take and could well alienate the very people they rely on most during quieter seasons.

Universal Orlando’s Preferred pass remains unchanged in price and ss of today, renewal prices for the Premier and Power passes have not changed, remaining at $149.99 and $114.99 respectively but they could change at any moment. Passholders may renew up to 30 days prior to their pass expiration dates, so if you have a pass that expires within the next month, it might be a smart move to renew early and beat any potential price increases.

It;s interesting to see how Universal have moved to increase prices in this economy as  no additional benefits have been added to either pass. In fact, with the Power pass’s increased number of blackout dates, passholders will actually receive less for more money spent.

When you compare this to Walt Disney World, a Florida resident annual pass good for entrance into all of Disney’s Orlando theme parks with parking included costs $403.64, now just $53.65 more than Universal’s pass and Disney’s pass includes admission to four theme parks to Universal’s two.

If you average this out a new Florida resident annual pass for Disney’s parks averages out at $100.91 per park whereas Universal’s average is now $175 per park. It’s certainly a bold move for Universal to potentially price out their most loyal fans and we’ll just have to see how it all pans out.

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