Are hotels safe anymore?

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After the devastating events in India last week I was somewhat bemused to see the news on NBC on Saturday night asking the question about safety and security in hotels throughout the world. The report gave us some information we already knew about the events at the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower hotel and in south Mumba but then started to focus closer to home in New York.

Real concerns were raised about some of New York’s more famous hotels…such as The Waldorf (have to say, I wasn’t too impressed with it when I stayed there anyway) and openly questioned whether the same style attacks could be seen in the USA before too long.

Now we all know the media need stories and they usually focus on the negative but this 5 minute segment started me wondering about which hotels could be targeted and in which cities. It’s pretty frightening when you think about it but certainly New York would be a target and I guess some of the fabulous hotels in Vegas…but what about closer to home…say Orlando or Disney?

The honest answer is yes, it could happen. What is to prevent some nutcase getting a gun and going loopy? Next to nothing… and while I know it’s in my interests to say what I’m about to say next, I’m somewhat forced to… in my opinion you are much safer in a vacation home. There…said it.

So, let’s just hope it doesn’t happen and that the hotels do tighten up their defences. I still stay in them when visiting other areas on business…I don’t really want to but until I see other areas with the type and quality of the homes we have here, then I’ll just have to put up with hotels. It still doesn’t stop me from promoting the use of vacation homes though…

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