Bad Parents?

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I had to run to my local Target last night at 7:30pm and was amazed that I had to park miles away as the parking lot was jammed.  I have in fact never, ever seen the parking lot so full.  When I walked into the store I was amazed by the amount of parents with young children … then I realized August 18 is tomorrow … back to school.  Well I am sorry, all of you that went shopping last night for school supplies, taking your young children with you are bad parents in my book.  It’s not like August 18 was a surprise … you have had almost 3 months to get prepared.  Shouldn’t those kids have been getting a bath and a nice early bedtime to refresh them for the big day? Shame on you all.

One Response to Bad Parents?

  1. Hi

    I am from Scotland, but have a vacation villa at Highgate Park, Orlando I have two children aged 7 & 6. They also went back to school on 18th August.

    I always prepare well in advance, buying school uniform, pencils, crayons etc. Because if I don’t, I find the shops run out off school uniform, especially the shirts!!

    I also like them to have a quiet, early evening the night before school starts.

    Angela Watson
    August 26, 2008 at 10:33 am

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