Beaches in Florida … Part 2

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Yesterday we explored the beaches on the West Coast of Florida and today it’s the turn of the East Coast.

The East coast beaches are markedly different to the gulf-side ones. Generally they are cooler, have more active water and generally darker and grittier sand. Just over an hour from Orlando you can enjoy some 23 miles of Atlantic  coast from Daytona Beach down to New Smyrna Beach. Here you’ll find a mix of quiet through to bustling areas. Daytona Beach has been a popular vacation spot for decades and you’ll not have to worry about finding a parking spot here as cars are allowed to drive on half of the beach.

If you love to surf then head to the Space Coast… the area of land stretching from Titusville to Sebastian Inlet. Make sure you take in the surfing capital of the East coast in Cocoa Beach as not only can you enjoy some great waves but you can enjoy a two and a half mile stretch of great dining and shopping options.

The Treasure Coast is another popular area and Vero Beach is a casually elegant town that was recently voted as “Best Small Town in Florida” and one of ‘The 100 Best Art Towns in America.” Florida’s Gold Coast is 47 miles of golden sand and ritzy residents. It’s here you’ll find Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, fine dining, luxurious resorts and some beautiful beach areas.

The beaches in this part of Florida tend to be very busy and Fort Lauderdale Beach is seven miles of sun soaked sports such as boating, kite boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing and volleyball. The world famous Miami Beach is 10 miles of aqua-marine waterfront and South Beach is the place to see and be seen. It’s a legendary hot spot that attracts movie stars, models and hot bodies. The area has some phenomenal shopping, a vibrant art scene and hundreds of trendy bars, clubs and restaurants.

Miami is about a 4 hour drive from Orlando so you should plan a night out if you decide to go. Of course, this blog wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the Florida Keys. This chain of barrier islands is simply stunning. The drive is spectacular as you leap from one island to another. There are a few small sandy beaches in Key Largo and Key West and you’ll find an island life pace coupled with stellar water activities to keep you engrossed.

Florida has some spectacular beaches and places to see while on  your journey… it’s the perfect anecdote to the hustle and bustle of the Orlando theme parks. Enjoy …

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