Beat the heat this Summer…visit Wet n Wild Orlando.

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Orlando is experiencing record heat this June and one of the best ways to cool down while you’re here is to visit one of the great water parks in the area. Wet n Wild Orlando has been voted one of America’s best water parks  and it  offers more rides than any other water park in Orlando, with the best variety of multi-passenger thrill rides with loads of special effects.

It is conveniently located on 25 acres on Orlando’s International Drive area just 20 to 25 minutes from Florida Leisure’s vacation homes. Wet n Wild is open year round and the pools are heated in the cooler months if you happen to be visiting then.

The rides at Wet n Wild are simply awesome and the water park features rides such as the Black Hole. The Black Hole is a chance for guests to experience new pulsating lights and  dynamic effects which propels riders through 600 feet of twisting, turning, watery darkness. There’s plenty of other great rides as well and among them is Disco H2O that delivers a groovy musical raft ride through the ’70s.

Other rides include several family style raft rides such as Brain Wash, the Flyer and Bubba Tub as well as several single rider experiences like The Storm, Bomb Bay, Der Stuka and Mach 5. Youngster will be entertained at the Kids’ Park which features a gigantic bucket that periodically fills with water and then splashes down soaking all who are in the pool below. There’s also several supervised gentle slides and a kids lazy river so Mom and Dad needn’t worry about their young ones safety. Life vests are also provided free of charge and guests can also rent lockers and towels for a small extra fee.

A day in the sun can often be exhausting and there are several places to dine and enjoy other refreshments. One particularly nice feature are the private cabanas and they are located in a quieter area of the water park away from all the hustle and bustle.

The wake zone is also a very popular area and it’s here you can Knee Ski, Wakeboard or ride the Wild One. Wakeboarding is one of the fastest growing water sports and anyone from beginners to experts can show off their techniques on the WakeZone cableway. The Wild One is a chance for guests to be towed around the large lake at Wet n Wild on big bouncy tubes for one heck of a wild ride! (Note: The Wild One is only open from May through September)

Wet n Wild is a great place to visit when in Orlando and it has something fun for all the family. Make sure you visit when you’re in Central Florida. More photo’s appear here and if you found this blog post interesting please feel free to send it to your friends and family by clicking the “send” button.[fb-famous url=””]

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