Beliebers Rejoice! Justin Bieber wax figure comes to Orlando!

Madame Tussauds Orlando, Orlando, 21st June 2017 (Photographer: Nigel G Worrall)

Beliebers rejoice! Justin Bieber’s wax figure was officially unveiled at Madame Tussauds Orlando this morning, National Selfie Day.  Known for numerous chart-topping hits including “Sorry,” “What Do You Mean?” and “Love Yourself,” the award-winning singer-songwriter’s figure was launched at the popular International Drive attraction after being wildly demanded by the public.

Madame Tussauds Orlando, Orlando, 21st June 2017 (Photographer: Nigel G Worrall)

Madame Tussauds Orlando General Manager James Paulding said the decision to create Bieber’s figure was a direct response to requests from fans who had visited the attraction and completed surveys.

“Justin Bieber has consistently been one of the most requested celebrity figures in the two years we have been open,” said Paulding. “We listened to our visitors and are excited to give Orlando “Beliebers” the opportunity to get up close and personal with their idol!”

Madame Tussauds Orlando, Orlando, 21st June 2017 (Photographer: Nigel G Worrall)

Bieber’s figure is styled in iconic blue wash jeans and checked shirt with bleached tousled hair. Not a detail has been missed on the figure; including the hours and days spent replicating his numerous tattoos by hand.

It took artists and sculptors six months to create Bieber’s figure, which included the process of sculpting the figure’s clay head all the way to the insertion of thousands of individual hairs, in order to create a true, lifelike representation found in Madame Tussauds wax figures.

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