Can McCain Be Trusted?

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As I am ineligible to vote in the US elections, I never usually pass much of a comment, but by not having the pressure on me, it sometimes gives me an unbiased look at the candidates.  I am not sure where I would fall in the party spectrum … in the UK I was a staunch Conservative, but over here the two parties are so similar it usually comes down to the personality where I am concerned.  I also don’t like the fact that you have to be registered to vote a certain way … why is that?  Anyway to let you know which way my chips would fall, the way I would’ve voted over the years would’ve been … Reagan, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush … but now I would have a dilemma.

I was definitely heading down the McCain route and then he went insane … after all what other reason could he have for choosing Sarah Palin as a running mate … he may as well have picked Michael or John Cleese or any of the Monty Python troupe.

Let’s examine the choice … well it is positive that she is a woman … 44 years old … but that aside come on … about to become a grandmother to an unwed teenage daughter … has been in politics for about ten minutes, but is the goverenor of Alaska … please!!!!!!!!!!!!!  When was the last time we heard about Alaska under terrorist threat, the rising gang violence, the population explosion, unemployment, immigration … etc etc etc … it’s hardly a microcosm of American society.

On top of all this, she is (admirably) the mother to a four-and-a-half-month old son who has Downs Syndrome … that must be hard and isn’t going to get any easier.  How can you balance being a peripheral part of the US government with being the mother of a young child with a debilitating condition?

On top of that, do we really want a 44 year old political novice just one bullet or heart attack away from the most powerful office in the world … remember John McCain is no spring chicken … summer and fall have passed him by as well.

These are just my observations.  I welcome a rebuttal.

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