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The Other Orlando – Chicago Tribune Article

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ORLANDO They don’t call it miniature golf anymore. The term nowadays is adventure golf, as in Hawaiian Rumble Adventure Golf, Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf. They’re part of the other Orlando, the under-the-radar part that exists outside the Disney-Universal-SeaWorld triumvirate and, with two notable exceptions, thrives mostly along a 4-mile stretch of International Drive, I-Drive for […]

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It can get cold

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We often get asked about whether you need your pool heating when staying in a Florida Leisure Vacation Home. The answer is that you will definitely need it during the cooler months and that means November through March. October and April can also have cold snaps so you may need pool heat then. Further, if […]

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Weekend at Disney

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Hello everyone, my name is Tiffany and I work in the Marketing Department for Florida Leisure Vacation Homes. One of my many benefits is, I get to visit all the Disney Theme parks and share my memories with you.  This weekend I took my two year old daughter to Disney for the first time. We […]

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