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It doesn’t get any better than Orlando

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By: Adam Singleton The area surrounding Orlando, Florida is one of the world’s hottest tourist destinations, welcoming almost 50 million visitors per year. Its literally hot too, with a subtropical climate – summer temperatures regularly reach 90°F (32°C), while even in winter they rarely drop below 50°F – and hundreds of unique theme parks and […]

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom … Hidden Tranquility

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I made one of my frequent forays to Animal Kingdom this past weekend, and discovered an area that offered good food, a great view of the park and a place that provided all the tranquility of a Zen garden. Between Asia and DinoLand you will find the Flame Tree Barbeque counters. After purchasing your food, […]

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Following on from Disney’s newly vamped Studios and the new rides at Universal comes some reviews of 3 more attractions.  WHEN the SeaWorld and Discovery Cove folk build a water park, you know it’s going to be swimming in fun. And Aquatica, just down the road from its sister parks, has gone for a real biggie […]

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Shamu heads East

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So SeaWorld and Busch Gardens are expanding eastward — to Dubai. Dubai intrigues me, I haven’t been there yet but several people I know have and all of them love it. This news, released yesterday by the Anheuser-Busch Companies and Nakheel, a major Dubai real estate developer, is sure to send shockwaves around Central Florida, San […]

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Disney Planning Adult Nights?

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We all know where the mind wanders when a project that includes the words “adult” and “night” is planned. Add the word “Disney” to it and the very meaning of those two words together can go for a toss. Yes, the beans have been spilled: Disney is planning a $520 million, adult theme park called […]

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From the “what were you thinking” files.  I think Lilo has fallen overboard in a hard way … one for flaunting her imperfect body (she should’ve done 2 million sit ups, not 250) and two for believing she could compare to Marilyn Monroe.  The only possible common ground is that Lohan is unlikely to see 40 […]

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Disney for BIG boys (and girls)

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Surfing and Speedway ORLANDO—Palm trees sway, sand and water sparkle in the early morning light. All is calm while tall, tan Phillipe Neri zips up his wetsuit and jumps in the water. A big kaboom announces the first wave. Neri hops up on his surfboard, switching feet back and forth, hot-dogging the break. A class […]

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