Celebration Exotic Car Festival

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We managed to pop along to the 2013 Celebration Exotic Car Festival yesterday afternoon and it was a fun time strolling along looking at some of the most fabulous automobiles you’ll ever find on one street!

The 2013 event is the 10th annual Celebration Exotic Car Festival children’s charity event and it concludes later today. The four-day event showcases North America’s largest collection of exotic cars, race cars and iconic Hollywood movie cars, coming together to help children with life threatening medical conditions. Guests have had the chance to experience two exhilarating track days at the world famous Daytona International Speedway, be amazed at the VIP Night of Illusion, enjoy the world class exotic car concours set along the waterfront of Celebration, meet world famous chefs at the Food and Wine at Portofino event, and participate in the acclaimed road rally! There’s been a lot to do!

The Celebration Exotic Car Festival was founded in 2004. Organized by a dedicated team of volunteers, 100% of the net proceeds are donated after each event and since its inception, the festival has donated nearly $1 million to children’s charities including Make-a-Wish, Special Olympics and Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital. Over the years, the festival has grown to become one of the largest exotic car events in the world, attracting more than 250 of world’s rarest exotic cars, race cars, and Hollywood movie cars, and more than 40,000 spectators.

One of the things we liked the best was the World’s Largest ‘street legal’ 4 x 4 truck (pictured below) and the SafeTextingCampaign.com that was linked to it. Texting while driving is becoming an increasing problem throughout the nation with 21% of injury related crashes involving distracted drivers. Worse, 16% of crash related fatalities were from crashes involving driver distraction.It’s good to see some education finally reaching the population to try and reduce some of those numbers. The new Safe Texting application for smart phones that has options to control inbound and outbound calls is a great step in that direction.

The festival continues today with the Exotic Car Rally beginning at 10.00am this morning… make sure you get along!

More photos at www.FloridaLeisurePhotography.com

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