Christmas with Florida Leisure

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It’s always nice to receive letters from guests who have stayed in our vacation homes and when folks take the trouble to do this we are always extremely appreciative of their efforts. It’s also a wonderful reminder of why we are in business… to provide great vacations for people from all over the planet.

Thanks to Bob & Pat Malinowski and their wonderful family for submitting their story in our “Share Your Story” competition:

The Bob Malinowski Family took a very special vacation. It was taken at Christmas time in the year of 2009. The parents are Pat and Bob Malinowski. There are two children and four grandchildren in this family.

The grandchildren are growing up fast, so we decided it was time to do something special this year. The family had been suggesting that we do a Disney World vacation. We did this about ten years ago. The two youngest grandchildren do not remember it at all.

So…preliminary plans were put together at Christmas of 2008. We wanted to stay in a villa away from Disney activities. In February of 2009 Bob started to check the internet for such a place. After checking several sources, we decided on the villa from Florida Leisure Vacations Homes. It had exactly what we wanted. It had three master suites. That would be good. One would be for our daughter and husband. One would be for our son and wife and one for ourselves. There were three bedrooms with twin beds. That would be good for the grandchildren.

So….our whole family met on December 20th in the year of 2009. We all came from Texas; different parts of Texas. The children and grandchildren came from Houston and Odessa and we came from Georgetown.

That week was very special. We all took part in Disney World and Universal Studios activities. When we came back to the villa, it was very comfortable. The grandchildren could unwind with things at the house. In the garage was a pool table and in the back was a swimming pool. The men could unwind by watching their favorite football teams on television. The women would unwind by talking and talking and talking.

Since this was Christmas time, something had to be done about decorations. The villa had red bows and red stockings hung around. So…Pat took an artificial palm tree that was standing in a corner and hung small Disney ornaments on it. That was our Christmas tree.

We had a special meal on Christmas Eve. Our daughter in law fixed the meal. It consisted of ham, Puerto Rico beans and rice, fruit and rolls. It was all very good. It was easy to cook in this kitchen all the utensils were there. It was good having everyone together.

Christmas morning we opened gifts and then went to Universal Studios for the day.

This was indeed a very special Christmas. The best Christmas present was having everyone together. Memories are made of just such events. This will indeed be a memory not to be forgotten.

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