Could Hotels Give You The Flu?

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Are travelers becoming more wary of hotels as the swine flu outbreak worsens?

Hotels are being eyed suspiciously by travelers as harbingers of the swine flu and internet discussion boards are buzzing about the fears of transmission and whether some people are putting their fellow vacationers at risk.

Hotels like are just the latest high-traffic areas that the public is warily eyeing as they become increasingly worried about swine flu. In recent months, other crowded places such as schools and airports have also become causes for concern for many people. Swine flu fears are even changing the way Americans exercise, work, vacation and pray.

In the meantime, the Center for Disease Control is reminding people to avoid letting their fears become overblown, and that the best thing people can do to avoid getting swine flu is to take preventative measures like getting vaccinated, washing their hands and staying home if they’re sick.

Dr. Phyllis Kozarsky, a travel health expert at the CDC, in a recent e-mail message to the New York Times. “There are too numerous to count opportunities for people to be in close spaces together, whether in movie theaters, in crowded shopping malls, on public transportation as well as during most individuals’ daily activities.”

All I can say to that is, good job there is a viable alternative out there for travelers…at least in a vacation rental you are with your loved ones rather than mixing with complete strangers! And, of course, all this scaremongering will soon pass…. surely we all have bigger things to worry about?

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