Disney Ends “Give A Day, Get A Day”… But We Don’t.

Earlier this week Disney Parks announced  that the company’s goal of recruiting 1 million people to donate their time and get a 1-day ticket to Disney in return had been reached, and that the “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day” promotion is to end.

Those participating in the program signed up to volunteer through the nationwide HandsOn Network and even though  volunteer registration has ended, those who have completed their volunteer activity still have until Dec. 15 to use their free park ticket at Walt Disney World or DisneyLand.

In 2009, Disney distributed 1.2 million free tickets to anyone who went to one of their U.S. theme parks on his or her birthday. That worked out to be about 100,000 per month but the volunteer promotion was so successful that it was getting 100,000 participants per week this year.

At a media event last month at Walt Disney World, Disney officials admitted they were “overwhelmed” by this response.

No word yet on what will happen to the daily “pre-parade” in the Magic Kingdom that is designed to celebrate the promotion. It was the first new use of the Muppets at Walt Disney World in several years so it remains to be seen if  Miss Piggy returns back to her dressing room.

Meanwhile, here at Florida Leisure Vacation Homes, our “Give A Day, Get A Vacation Day” program continues… and will run all year regardless of how many people apply. Details at www.GiveADayGetAVacationDay.com

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