Donald Trump rallies Kissimmee

Donald Trump - Kissimmee 2016 -11th August 2016 (Photographer: Nigel G Worrall)

Donald Trump waltzed into Kissimmee Thursday night and promptly wound up an excited crowd as he delivered his usual rhetoric in regard to the present state of affairs in the United States. The sizeable hall that filled the Silver Spurs Arena lapped the show up as Trump stressed the importance of jobs, security and his optimism in winning in Florida.

Make no mistake, Trump is in it to win it. After Hillary Clinton’s visit to the smaller Exhibition Hall at the same property on Monday evening, Trump had a far larger turn out of excited supporters hoping for a change of leadership in 2017.

It was Trump’s second appearance along the Interstate 4 corridor in the past eight days, following a rally in Daytona Beach on August 3.

Donald Trump - Kissimmee 2016 -11th August 2016 (Photographer: Nigel G Worrall)

The Republican presidential candidate hit on his standard campaign lines including the assertion that Mexico would build his border wall, which he said would outdo the Great Wall of China. He also told the frenzied crowd that filled the 8,000-seat arena that Obama founded militant group ISIS.

Donald Trump - Kissimmee 2016 -11th August 2016 (Photographer: Nigel G Worrall)

At every Trump event so far held there has always been a protestor or two and this event proved to be no exception as one man shouted:  “You love Russia!” The man was promptly escorted out to boos from the crowd and chants of “Trump!”

Trump later touched on concerns that his campaign was too close to Russia and President Vladimir Putin.

“I get a lot of heat over Russia,” he said. “Wouldn’t it be nice if we got along with Russia?”

Donald Trump - Kissimmee 2016 -11th August 2016 (Photographer: Nigel G Worrall)

The Clinton email scandal also took center place as Trump excitedly asked and stated “Aren’t emails a wonderful thing? What a great invention.”

Trump also talked a little about the Second Amendment. the Pulse shooting and the possibility of Clinton appointing future judges.

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