Fish Kissimmee

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If you’re after the catch of a lifetime, there’s no better place to find it than in Kissimmee’s bountiful lakes. Our famous Lake Tohopekaliga (a.k.a. Lake Toho), just south of Orlando, holds the current record for a one-day catch in a professional bass fishing tournament—45lbs. 2oz. for an average of 9 lbs. per bass! Amazing… and doesn’t that sound like a dream fishing trip to you?

Kissimmee is home to some of the best freshwater fishing in the State. The Kissimmee Chain of Lakes and Osceola County itself features water from 200 acres to 44,000 acres and attracts trophy largemouth bass fisherman from all corners of the world. That’s because from East Lake Fish Camp and Lake Kissimmee to Big Toho Marina, our fish stories are no lies.

Kissimmee is also the adopted home of the Barramundi, a legendary Australian sport fish. Until recently, North American anglers who hooked one of these ferocious fighters had to travel down under to do so. Now you can do battle with one of these beauties at private ponds right in Kissimmee. From sport fishing to pier fishing, and from West Lake Toho to charter boats on the coast, our Central Florida location puts you near a boatload of possibilities.

So bring your rod and reel or spend a day with a professional fishing guide to get you to all the hot spots. Then cast your bait, cross your fingers and spend the day fishing in the Heart of Florida.

Also, don’t to forget to vote for Kissimmee as the “Ultimate Fishing Town USA” by clicking the banner below.

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