Flash Mob at Orlando Airport

One of the most enchanting trends occurring all over the county this holiday season has been the appearance of “Flash Mobs” at various locations.Yesterday, the Flash Mob made an appearance at Orlando International Airport and they took many travelers by surprise.

You know the scene, tired and anxious people waiting around for their flights on cell phones, laptops, watching TV and coping with flight delays and long security lines. So imagine their surprise at 4pm when around 120 people started singing at the top of their lungs!

It’s what is  becoming known as a “flash mob” … a planned outburst of organized activity in a public place, generally intended to break up the status quo.

Yesterdays flash mob featured members of the Messiah Choral Society who were joined by the Bach Festival Choir in a rendition of the “Hallelujah” chorus. The mob was the brainchild of United Arts of Central Florida President Margot Knight and Carolyn Fennell, OIA’s director of public affairs.

Fennell said the goal of the flash mob was simple: In a stressful time of year to travel, it aimed to inject some holiday spirit and alleviate tension as much as possible.

The current flash-mob phenomenon started in 2003, when, according to various reports, a man known only as “Bill” organized the first flash mobs as a social experiment. Bill Wasik, at the time a senior editor for Harper’s Magazine, later revealed himself in the magazine’s March 2006 issue to be the mysterious “Bill.” He is currently a senior editor for Wired magazine.

It certainly seemed that the goal of the flash mob was met as many travellers stood and applauded. And then went on their merry way!

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