Florida Leisure Vacation Homes announces inclusion in the Disney Vacation Rental Home Connection.

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Florida Leisure Vacation Homes is delighted to be among the first to announce its inclusion in the Vacation Rental Home Connection, part of the Disney Ticket Network®. The Vacation Rental Home Connection is a new Disney affiliation program and is a program that seeks to encourage consistent quality standards in property care and customer service for vacation rental companies around the Walt Disney World® Resort area, as well as defining requirements for property standards that guests can expect and benefit from.

With the introduction of a new Vacation Rental Home Connection logo, visitors to Central Florida can quickly identify companies that offer quality service and standards. Visitors can be sure of consistently reliable accommodations, along with providing an authorized source for information about the Walt Disney World® Theme Parks and Tickets.

Over the last year, Disney has worked with key property management companies, including Florida Leisure Vacation Homes, to develop clear standards for vacation rental homes, and guidelines for promoting the Walt Disney World® Theme Parks.

Nigel Worrall, CEO of Florida Leisure Vacation Homes said, “We’ve delighted to be among a very select few who have been chosen to be part of the Vacation Rental Home Connection. It is recognition of the type of company we work hard to be. For many years we have been saying that our vacation rental homes are of a completely different standard to others and today we have recognition of that fact. We believe in offering a very unique and boutique style experience to our guests and to be recognized by one of the world’s leading companies in Disney is very satisfying. “

To find out more about the Walt Disney World® Vacation Rental Home Connection or to look at the homes offered by Florida Leisure Vacation Homes under the program, visit http://www.FloridaLeisure.com.

About Florida Leisure:

Florida Leisure Vacation Homes is the leading vacation home company in the Orlando, Fla. – Disney area, offering boutique style 3-7 bedroom private vacation homes near to all the Orlando area attractions. Each home has its own fully equipped kitchen, 3-7 bedrooms, lounge, dining room, laundry, 2 car garage and best of all, private swimming pool. http://www.FloridaLeisure.com

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