Food & Thanksgiving

Last week I visited a couple of food stores I’d heard plenty about but hadn’t been along to before. If you’re visiting Orlando on vacation or on business, you may want to check out these places as well because they stock all kinds of food and drink you can’t get in normal supermarkets.

WARNING: You can spend plenty of time and plenty of money if you visit them!

First stop was the International Food Club on L B Mcleod Rd in Orlando. I’d been told that this place had food from all over the world and I wasn’t to be disappointed. They had stuff from Brazil, The Middle East, Turkey, Greece, United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, South Africa, Israel, The Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bolivia, Malaysia, Colombia, Argentina and many other countries.

Also at the International Food Club you can enjoy a quick lunch in their cafe and bakery as they feature wraps, salads, gyros, sandwiches and a whole lot more! Their web site can be found at but I’d really recommend a visit… it’s well worth it.

The next port of call was Whole Foods on Turkey Lake Rd, Orlando 32819. An absolutely fabulous store. The first thing that strikes you is how well it is laid out. It’s very easy to get lost amongst all the wonderful stuff they have here and the meat counters, the cheese areas, the beer displays and the hot and cold food available to purchase is beyond belief.

The web site is at and this store is just 20 to 25 minutes from most of our Florida Leisure Vacation Homes, so it’s nice and easy to get to. Great food is essential to a great vacation and a trip here to get all your essentials not to mention your richly deserved treats (shhh…I won’t tell) is pretty much essential. Sure, we have many Publix supermarkets just 3 or 4 minutes from our vacation homes but for variety and excellence in food, this is the place to visit.


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