Frommer on Vacation Homes

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Nigel Worrall, Arthur Frommer & Rick Steves

I visited the New York Times Travel Show last week and during the visit I was able to get a little time to talk with Arthur and Pauline Frommer of Frommer Travel Guide fame.

For those that aren’t familiar, Frommer’s is a travel guidebook series and is one of the bestselling travel guides in America. The series began in 1957 with the publication of Arthur Frommer’s book, “Europe on $5 a Day.” Frommer’s has since expanded to include over 350 guidebooks across 14 series, as well as other media including the award winning website which covers over 3,500 destinations and in 2007, Frommer’s celebrated its 50th anniversary of guidebook publishing.

Since May 2007, Arthur Frommer has been actively blogging about travel on the website and it’s well worth a read no matter where you are traveling in the world as he has some great tips. It also seems that the family legacy will be continued as Arthur’s daughter, Pauline, is also a well recognised travel writer, expert and authority as her book “Pauline Frommer’s London” , amongst others, has been recognized as the best guidebook in 2007 by the North American Travel Journalists Association and 2009 by the Society of American Travel Writers.

Pauline Frommer & Nigel Worrall

Both Arthur and Pauline were scheduled to talk and the subject of their session was “What to Skimp and what to Splurge on when Traveling.” It was an informative and often amusing encounter as both father and daughter offered differing viewpoints on subjects such as flights, rental cars, food and of course, accommodation.

Accommodation is perhaps the most expensive part of any trip so it was particularly interesting to me that Arthur recommended vacation rental homes as one way to save money over a conventional hotel stay. It’s a secret that our guests have known for close on 20 years now and it seems that the rest of the world is finally playing catch up and waking up to the realization that you can actually rent a complete home with 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 bedrooms and have far more space for a better price than you would by staying at a hotel.

Here’s some video of Arthur talking about vacation homes:

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