Gatorland’s Gator Zip Line Experience

Orlando is home to three of the World’s most famous theme parks, with many wonderful and thrilling rides and attractions, but one of the smaller and oldest of the attractions has possibly unveiled the most thrilling ride of all. For over 50 years, Gatorland in South Orlando has been a family friendly, affordable natural attraction featuring thousands of alligators in an environment that is equal parts education and entertainment. That all changes on June 16, 2011 when they open their all-new Screamin’ Gator Zip Line Experience to the general public.

Florida Leisure were invited to have an early preview of this experience so we sent along our intrepid reporter, Colin Bowman, who sent in a great report and he says his heart is still pounding from the expeirence! Here’s his report:

Gator Zip Line Experience

by Colin Bowman

This 2½ hour experience begins with you meeting your guides for the trip, an orientation video with the hilarious and inept “Bubba” and “Cooter” and then time to truss you up in your safety gear. With all the harnesses on and your helmet you feel pretty good and invincible, a feeling that lasts right up until you arrive at the first tower and look up.

Tower one stands over six stories and has what feels like 100 stairs (it’s probably less, but believe me, counting steps was the last thing on my mind). If that fact takes your breath away, try and find it once you have actually climbed to the top. Your guide then informs you that the launch platform is over fifty feet above the ground and of course you are compelled to look down. He’s right … above the ground … concrete below and lots of people looking up at you, video cameras in hand … and you know what they want to have happen.. Having never ziplined before, it was a big test of intestinal fortitude to step off that platform and believe me I prayed that all these harnesses, which now seem extremely flimsy, are going to hold you in place as you travel almost 250ft at about fifteen miles per hour through the tree tops. Anyway, away we go …

And we land at tower two which is slightly bigger, standing at 56ft tall, but the launch platform is only 46ft off the ground. The line itself is only 265ft in length , so traveling at twenty miles per hour should be a doddle … except that this time you are going over a pool with about 30 alligators below you … oh joy … here we go again … backwards, because the cute little girl with the camera says she can get a better photo and of course you have to impress her … but stepping off a platform backwards wearing a piece of material and a couple of lanyards is an daunting experience for sure … whoosh … see you later gators …

This is getting easy … now for tower three. It stands at 65ft and has a launch platform 56ft off the ground. We will be traveling 230ft at over twenty five miles per hour. Wait a minute, that’s getting higher and faster … dammit … “Try running off this one,” says my guide … “Oops I can’t hear you,” I reply as I grab everything and use my trusty sit-down take off method … Then I hear drums … only to discover that it is actually my heart, because straight ahead I see an even bigger tower and with that I arrive at …

Tower four which looms over the park like King Kong. It stands over seventy five feet tall, the launch platform is sixty five feet off the ground and the line is 520ft long. This means I will be traveling at almost thirty miles per hour. Did I mention the breeding marsh below with 130 of the biggest alligators that you have ever seen plus one particularly angry crocodile. At this point, I also became aware of the fact that these towers rock and sway a lot in the wind. My mouth is also very dry and I am very grateful for the water provided at this station, although I am just praying that the contents of my bladder will remain there. “Don’t forget the photo op,” says my cheerful guide … I am just praying I am not going to become the latest YouTube sensation for all the wrong reasons … GERONIMO (I wish I had shouted something brave) …

And a few seconds later … touchdown … I feel like I have won the SuperBowl … one to go. “Just cross over the rickety bridge to get to the last zipline. “RICKETY BRIDGE?” How did I miss that? Bridges, why did it have to be bridges. I hate them. I hate rickety ones in the wind even more and being clipped to the safety line 31ft up in the air crossing this 150ft long bridge was not my idea of fun … even less when my companion decided it would be fun to start her crossing when I was halfway across and started bouncing … fortunately she weighs about the same as a bag of flour, so the effect wasn’t as great as she hoped … but still, the people below obviously thought it was funny. I am sure the smiles would’ve been wiped from their faces if I had used them as a landing mat.

Finally, after a nerve-wracking eternity I made it over to tower six (five is where the bridge starts). This is my favorite, side-by-side ziplines so you can drag race and attempt a measure of revenge on any companions who may have slighted you, by smoking them over the 340ft line traveling at speeds up to thirty miles per hour … or not!!!! Even though I did attempt to run off the platform, there was a definite stutter step at the end when I realized that is I didn’t reach the other side, I would be dangling over another lake chocked full of alligators … hopefully they haven’t mastered the art of acrobatic pyramids, but for some reason I couldn’t get Fantasia out of my head (the Disney movie, not the American Idol).

But I survived and this really was so much fun and should be added to your bucket list of things to do next time you vacation in Orlando and if you are fortunate enough to live here, what are you waiting for.

Known internationally as the “Alligator Capital of the World,” you can find out more about this experience and Gatorland in general at

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