Guns have no place at Theme Parks

Several major theme park companies are challenging a new Florida law that allows people to keep guns in their cars.  So they should.  Guns have no place anywhere near a theme park and families enjoying themselves.

The new law went into effect Tuesday and allows employees to bring their guns to work as long as they have a concealed weapons permit and keep the weapon in their car. Disney World and Universal Studios oppose the law and are arguing they are exempt from allowing guns on the property.  We at Florida Leisure support them completely.

Disney argues their federal permit, to handle fireworks fits the law’s exemption of companies that handle large amounts of explosives.

“The safety of our cast and guests is our top priority. We will continue to maintain our zero tolerance policy for guns and workplace violence,” Disney spokeswoman Zoraya Suarez said.

The law states that companies with a “…permit required to engage in the business of importing, manufacturing, or dealing in explosive materials…” are exempt.

“If you have a concealed weapons permit you should be able to handle a handgun. You should be responsible enough to take care of it,” gun law supporter Mandy Dawson said.

Our view is that Mandy has lost her senses. Families want to be safe and anything that keeps firearms away from kids and places where families gather is absolutely supported by us.

“No guns on property. It’s a family facility. I don’t think there should be any firearms at all,” Disney employee Lee Morgan said. Quite right.

“It’s typical of Disney. They have no regard for the safety of their customers or their employees,” said Marion Hammer of the National Rifle Association.  Well Marion, it’s exactly because Disney is thinking of the safety of their customers and their employees that they are fighting this law and absurd points of view like yours.

You can imagine it now can’t you? Thousands of vehicles parked in a parking lot at one of the most popular theme parks in the world and some idiot decides he wants to find the hidden weapon in a vehicle and discharge it. A whole host of vehicles being broken into by some crack head and then the added threat of bullets being discharged into fun loving familes. Yes, Marion, great idea. But then that’s the sort of nonsense we expect from the National Rifle Association thesedays isn’t it?

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