Halloween…Freddy v Jason and Michael Myers stay in a Florida Leisure Vacation Home!

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Thought I’d dig back into the memory banks for today’s blog …doesn’t time move so fast?

It was FOUR (4) years ago that Freddy v Jason and Michael Myers (Halloween) came to see us. As I dug out the old pictures of that day it set my mind racing as to where all the time had gone.

Freddy V Jason

We had some fun that day, hundreds of people came through the store and Robert Englund – Freddy Krueger (blue shirt), Brad Loree – Michael Myers  (centre) and Ken Kirzinger – Jason Voorhees (right) gave everyone who attended some great memories to go home with.

 Lining up at Florida LeisureFreddy v Jason at Florida LeisureFreddy v Jason visit Florida Leisure Vacation Homes

And talking of going home, that’s just what Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers did when they stayed at Florida Leisure Vacation Homes … so are you going to sleep where they did? Scary thought eh?

Robert Englund signing autographs at Florida LeisureFreddy Voorhees signing autographs at Florida LeisureMichael Myers signing autographs at Florida Leisure

Here’s a clue… Robert stayed at a house with a jukebox… yes, some of our homes even have jukeboxes!

Robert Englund - Freddy Krueger stays in a Florida Leisure Vacation Home

Florida Leisure Vacation Homes … The homes that the Movie Stars choose!

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