Hearts of Reality wraps with over $50,000 raised to benefit Give Kids The World

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Hearts of Reality 2013

This years Hearts of Reality event wrapped up in the early hours of Sunday morning as over 100 stars of reality TV partied the night away at Celebration Town Tavern after a hectic 48 hours of events.

Stars from “Survivor”, “Big Brother”, “The Amazing Race” and various other shows all came together for the event that started on Thursday and ran through to the early hours of Saturday morning. The event began last Thursday at the VIP Sponsor event and it was a chance for the stars to meet up with some old friends and meet some new.

Jerri Manthey, Bruce Kanegai & Tina Wesson

A bright start on Friday morning saw the group head over to Wild Florida and a chance to see the more natural side of Central Florida as well as take in an airboat ride. The 4200 acre wildlife conservation area offers an array of fun for the whole family beautifully preserved just as nature intended. It’s a chance to experience natural streams, forests, pastures, wetlands and learn about the wide array of Wild Florida’s wildlife including bald eagles, deer, cows, boars, turkey, alligators and more. It’s the other side of Central Florida… away from the theme parks.

The main reason for the event though, came on Friday evening as everyone made the short trip to the “Give Kids The World” village. Today, the Village is a 70-acre resort complete with over 140 Villa accommodations, entertainment attractions, whimsical venues, and fun specifically designed for children with special needs. It largely runs with the help of many generous individuals, corporations and partnering wish-granting organizations and Give Kids The World has now welcomed more than 122,000 families from all 50 states and over 74 countries.

Saturday saw the main event of the weekend as all the stars sat down for four hours to meet and greet fans as well as sign autographs and take photos. For a small fee donated to Give Kids The World, guests could get to meet every one of the 100+ reality TV stars and enjoy a few minutes in their company. This was the fifth year of the event and it truly was a fun and wonderful occasion for all concerned. It didn’t finish there though, and after the autograph session everyone made their way to the Celebration Town Tavern for a huge Land Lovers Luau celebration that went onto the early hours of Sunday morning.

At last count, the event has raised over $50,000 to help Give Kids The World and when everything is said and done, that number will probably be in excess of $60,000 when all the money has been turned in. We have more photos available at www.FloridaLeisurePhotography.com and every penny raised from our gallery will also be donated to Give Kids The World.

In closing, I’d just like to thank everyone for coming out to benefit a truly wonderful charity. It’s simply marvelous how all the stars turn out year after year and give something back to those less fortunate. I’d also like to thank Michael Nunez and his team for organizing the event and to say it has been a privilege to be there to capture all of it. Already looking forward to next year and a chance to do it all over again!

Here’s some video…

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One Response to Hearts of Reality wraps with over $50,000 raised to benefit Give Kids The World

  1. Great job to all involved in this. A great weekend for a great cause.

    pete lynch
    August 7, 2013 at 9:26 am

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