Heath Ledger must win an Oscar

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 Heath Ledger as The Joker

Went to one of the 14 theaters showing the Dark Knight at Pleasure Island/Downtown Disney at 12:01.  Amazing performances, amazing movie, even allowing for the horrible Batman mask and voice changer.

Sometimes actors unfortunately never live to see the true impact that their career has or to see the reaction to a particular performance that defines them for all time:  James Dean-Rebel Without a Cause; Bruce Lee-Enter the Dragon; Brandon Lee-The Crow; and now you can believe the hype and add Heath Ledger-The Dark Knight to the list.

Not since Anthony Hopkins dominated the screen in Silence of the Lambs have I seen any actor take a fictional character and make it so believably psychotic, charismatic and downright scarey as Ledger does with The Joker.

Somehow an Oscar isn’t fitting enough and if given will forever possibly be tainted as a “sympathy award” and so the members of the Academy may shy away from voting … I hope not.  Ledger deserves it on merit … that performance is THE finest by ANY actor EVER in a superhero/fantasy movie and hopefully this bigger legacy will be that he brings credibility and recognition to all the actors that appear in these frequently overlooked works of art (except in the technical categories).

My final note with regards to Ledger’s Joker … Jack Who?

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