Kissimmee Florida Tourist Attractions

Don’t know if you are like me but I like to read …a lot! I always find new stuff interesting but sometimes I come across other stuff that reminds me of the things around me. Over the weekend I came across an article by Thom W. Conroy, an author who lives in Ohio, who was writing about my hometown, Kissimmee.

Take a look…we’re about more than just the theme parks…

Local Kissimmee Florida Tourism Attractions are often overlooked by visitors to the area, mostly because many of them do little in the way of national advertising. The close proximity of Kissimmee to Orlando Florida and the larger theme parks situated there distract from the wonderful attractions of Kissimmee Florida. A city with a population of over 61,000 located in Central Florida, Kissimmee is spring training home of the Houston Astros of Major League Baseball, a baseball umpiring school and a large softball complex. Here are some great local attractions in Kissimmee Florida:

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament – This Kissimmee Florida destination is unique, entertaining, and just plain fun. It features a dinner show based on an 11th Century Tournament and Feast, complete with knights, jousting, and displays of horsemanship all wrapped around a theatric story. All patrons must eat using their hands only, because there was no silverware back in the day. It also offers a bar, dance floor, and medieval torture chamber.

Osceola Center for the Arts – Offering some of the best stage performances of plays like The King & I, Romeo & Juliet, The Pirates of Penzance, and Steel Magnolias, The Osceola Center for the Arts has a variety of entertainment from drama and musicals to dance. The Center Children’s Theatre has shows directed at younger audiences, like Cinderella and High School Musical.

Waldo Wright’s Flying Service – Not for the faint of heart, Waldo Wright’s Flying Service offers a fun filled barnstorming adventure for only $69.95 per person. For 15 minutes, you can fly in an open cockpit New Standard D-25 Biplane and experience a number of mid-air maneuvers by a highly trained pilot. They even supply goggles, scarves and helmets to patrons to get into the character of an old-time flying ace.

Friday Night Car Cruise – Located in Old Town, this Kissimmee car parade starts with live music every Friday Night at 7:30 PM. At 9 PM the car parade begins, featuring hundreds of diverse and interesting vehicles, and best of all, the event is free.

Kissimmee Ghost Tour – This is a 90 minute tour chasing paranormal activity in historic downtown Kissimmee. There are a number of tour options available like private tours, midnight tours, family tours and more. They also sell related books on the subject, and ghost hunting tools like digital voice recorders. Kissimmee is also home to the Silver Spurs Arena, which regularly presents big-name celebrity entertainment.

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