Lego Imagination Center – Downtown Disney

I made a quick trip to Downtown Disney yesterday afternoon and considering we’re supposed to be in an economic downturn, I was amazed to see so many people in the Lego Imagination Center. It looked like great business and a lot of folks having some serious fun!

I was also amazed to see that the store opens at 9.30am everyday the week and closes at 11pm Sunday thru Thursday with Friday and Saturday getting extensions to 11.30pm! Are kids really up this late…even on vacation? I know when I was young (OK, quit the jokes right now!) I had to be in bed by 8pm after having a bath! How times have changed.

The LEGO store is also open every day of the year, including holidays, so if you’ve forgotten that gift for someone young and special, then this is a great option!

The store features new “WOW” models, like a 12-foot T-Rex and larger than life Titan XP Robot. It has special portholes that showcase LEGO motion activated scenes. Inside the store is a gigantic Pick A Brick wall – the world’s largest – featuring bricks of every conceivable color and variety and there’s even a newly improved demonstration area with hands-on events, like mural construction and beat-the-clock building contests.

Throughout the store, not to forget outside as well,  are giant statues made from LEGO. In the courtyard that’s just outside this shop, kids can walk up to the varioius kiosks and build their own LEGO creations. The LEGO playground is a fabulous place for young people to hang out and have a blast (as long as they’re supervised by a parent or guardian ;)) and this really is one of the coolest activities for kids in the Downtown Disney area.

Naturally, it’s here you can also purchase virtually every LEGO play set currently available, plus LEGO-themed clothing and souvenirs and judging from what I saw, I guess LEGO might just be a recession proof business! It was a wonderful sight to see… and now I know where everyone’s hanging out!

Here’s a short video I filmed on my visit… and yes, notice the rain clouds were rolling in…it’s been pretty warm here the last few days and we need something to cool us all off!

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