Lego Store at Downtown Disney Reopens

The newly remodeled Lego Imagination Center reopened on Tuesday so I went along to take a look at what the new store now looks like. The store is larger and features some new Disney Lego sculptures such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs seen below. (To see larger images simply click on the picture.)

There’s a large model of Maleficent in her dragon form on the east side of the store and a brave Lego man on horseback who seems ready for the fight while close by is the outside play area which has swapped sides from where it was before.

Facing the Downtown Disney lake  is a model of Buzz and Woody from Toy Story as they blast off.

Meanwhile inside the store it appears better laid out and much easier to get around. The only large sculpture to be found indoors now is the one you see below of Woody and there’s a brand new room where Lego classes will be taught and birthday parties can be held.

Of course, the wall of colored Lego is still available and this is always a big hit with kids wanting to build stuff.

And pictured above is Brickly the Sea Serpent who remains unchanged. There’s loads more photo’s on our Facebook page so click here to be taken to them… make sure you click “LIKE” to access all the photo’s. And finally, here’s some video of my trip…

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