Legoland Florida Opens – See How You Can Visit For Free!

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Legoland Florida officially opens at 10.00am this morning and we’ll be bringing you updates as the day progresses. Later in this post we’ll also be showing you how you can visit Legoland Florida for free!

First, a little more about the park and what you can expect on your first visit…

Theme parks have long served as the ideal setting for family vacations, but those trips, particularly to the theme park mecca of Central Florida, traditionally have been kept on hold until the youngest was the “right age” or “this tall” to enjoy the thrills.

No longer. Legoland Florida opens today and it will help redefine how young families think about a Central Florida vacation. Thanks to the new park’s theming and its unique focus on younger guests and their families, now everyone can enjoy a visit to the Sunshine State without having to worry about the experience they may get.

The entire Legoland experience is designed for families with kids ages 2 to 12 so there’s no longer a reason to delay the decision to take that first family theme park vacation. The highly immersive rides and experiences, such as Lego Factory Tour (above left) and the Big Test Live Show (above right), are designed to encourage children and their parents to play together and are perfect for creating cherished memories for every member of the family.

Legoland Florida celebrates the world’s love-affair with all things LEGO and features more than 50 family rides, shows and interactive attractions, restaurants, shopping and beautiful botanical gardens. Legoland Florida has been built using 50 million bricks and will be the fifth and largest in the Legoland franchise.

The park is perfectly positioned on 150 beautiful acres along the shores of Lake Eloise. The family fun spreads across 10 zones and ranges from medieval thrills featuring knights, princesses and dragons to high-energy, swash buckling adventure starring water-skiing pirates.

What really differentiates Legoland Florida from the other theme parks are the pink knuckle attractions … four junior roller coasters that offer just the right blend of speed and thrill the entire family… not just the ones with cast iron stomachs!

And talking of stomachs…in addition to the numerous kid-friendly attractions, Legoland Florida executive chef Robert K. Sit (pictured above left) has ensured that the park  caters to young families most important needs with well balanced, high quality food options found in restaurants, such as the Market Restaurant (pictured above right), as well as nutritious snacks available through the park. The park also provides a comfortable and convenient baby care center stocked with rocking chairs for nursing mothers, high chairs and other conveniences of home.

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Families will find that Legoland Florida tickets are priced with them in mind, easing the strain a family vacation can put on the wallet. One day tickets are $75 for adults and $65 for kids ages 3-12.  And here’s where we at Florida Leisure come in… because we believe in this theme park so much that we want to pay for you and your family to go!

How? Easy… simply make a three day or more reservation with Florida Leisure Vacation Homes and stay with us between now and 17th December 2011 and we’ll be delighted to present you with 2 Adult tickets and 2 Childrens tickets to the fabulous new theme park. Call us now… 1-866-313-1979 or visit

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