Let it snow

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Happy Holidays everyone! It’s taking me a little longer then usual to get into the holiday spirit this year, but last night I had some family come in to visit from Michigan. We put up the Christmas Tree, listened to some  Christmas music and drank some hot cocoa. While we were decorating the tree we had the opportunity to do some catching up, as most family’s do around the holidays. My Aunt reminded me of all the snow days & snow ball fights we used to have as kids. Building snowmen larger then we were.  Just for the excitement of smashing them to the ground and building them all over again.

Those were some of the fond memories I have as a kid growing up in Michigan. Then, I remembered the not so fond memories….All the work it was to keep your vehicle in line for that type of weather. Chains on the tires or scrapping the wind shield 15 min before you had to leave. Or, the shoveling of sidewalks & driveways. Not to mention wearing several layers of cloths made it difficult to walk to school, in  2-3 feet of snow every morning. 

 That’s when I realized, I don’t miss the snow so much after all. I love living in Florida! We can still have just as much Holiday spirit with out the snow. Don’t get me wrong, I think the snow is beautiful and everyone should experience it at least once in their lives, but now I know why we have so many “Snow Birds” we call them. (Folks that find their way back to Florida every year to escape from the cold weather) They spend either a few months or half their year here in Florida, trying to keep warm. If you haven’t been to Florida & are looking to escape that cold & dreary weather, now is the time to visit. Not too hot & not to cold. It may seem a bit chilly to us Floridians at night here, but guaranteed you folks from the cold would love it. Can you imagine Christmas Morning in shorts? Or maybe swimming in your very own private heated pool? I’ve done it for several years now and your sure to have a memorible holiday. Come an experience what a Florida Christmas is like!

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