Maitland – Art Center and Local Art Community

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Yesterday I talked about how to keep warm and suggested some venues on International Drive. Today, we’re going to discover there’s more to the Orlando area than just theme parks, great restaurants and fabulous shopping… it’s time to feed your eyes, ears and soul with the history and art of Orlando.

Approximately 30 minutes from Florida Leisure’s vacation rental homes is the City of Maitland and it’s here you’ll find the Maitland Art Center, the Maitland Historical Museum, Maitland Telephone Museum and the Historic Waterhouse Residence in Maitland, Orlando Florida.

The Maitland Art Center was founded and designed by architect and artist Jules Andre Smith in 1937. It is featured on the National Register of Historic Places and the center has a unique feel to it with it’s Aztec and Mayan artifacts. The Maitland Art Center holds a small collection of art from local, regional and national artists as well as offering art classes throughout the year in it’s stimulating and charming grounds.

The Maitland Historical Museum features exhibits that highlight the development of Maitland from its incorporation in 1885 through the present. The Telephone Museum features on a tour of communications technology. This exciting collection features the story of the Winter Park Telephone Company founded in Maitland by Carl Galloway in 1910.

The Historic Waterhouse Residence Museum is located just off Hwy 17-92 and overlooks Lake Lily. The fully restored Victorian home was originally built in 1884 by William H. Waterhouse for his family. The home demonstrates what life was like for a middle class family over 100 years ago. Through its furnishings, mementos and clothing, this two story home exhibits the class and customs of the people of the day.

Next to the home you will find the Waterhouse Carpentry Shop Museum which displays tools used by craftsmen of the late 19th century. Constructed around 1883, this is where Mr. Waterhouse ran his woodworking and construction business.

So why not get out and about next time you’re in Orlando… or if you are here at the moment, go today while the weather is somewhat chilly! Here’s some video to give you a flavor of what you’ll see…

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