More News on Fantasyland Expansion

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Disney released more brand new information late on Tuesday night in regard to  its plans to expand Fantasyland. This project is earmarked as the biggest expansion in the history of the Magic Kingdom.

In front of an auditorium packed with local and international press, Disney executives unveiled details on a new and improved Fantasyland scheduled for a 2013 completion.

The audience learned that Fantasyland will double in size. Guests will see all of the classic icons, plus some new ones.

Yesterday we posted a list of the new or revamped attractions on this blog (click here) and here are a few more things that you might find interesting:

Execs told us Tuesday that construction is well under way for the Castle of the Beast. Next to it is Belle’s Village. It will have a tavern, but no alcohol.

Close to the Beauty and the Beast section, guests will find an all-new ride starring Ariel and all her friends.

Look for the Princess Fairytale Hall where the Snow White attraction is currently located. Eric Jacobson, the senior VP of Creative Development,also said that Snow White’s attraction will shut down soon but did not give a date.

Inside the new Circus’ big top are interactive wonders for kids, and all sorts of games.

“Reimagined” Star Tours attraction will open May 20, just in time for the Star Wars convention.

The new attractions will begin to roll out in phases starting late next year and completion is expected in 2013.

And to round the night off, Disney launched it’s premier of “The Magic, Memories & You” which is a wonderful slideshow of photos of guests who have used the Disney PhotoPass service that day. Intelligent computer software program selects 500 photos taken throughout the day by PhotoPass photographers and fits them into the 10 minute program that’s projected onto the facades of Cinderella Castle in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom as a combination of sixteen projectors positioned in four different locations help create the show. It’s certainly fun to be around Disney at the moment!

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