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I’ve just finished eating my lunch and for the first time in ages I was actually able to sit down and read the newspaper while doing so. I now wish I hadn’t bothered.

Here’s why; apparently in just two weeks since Orlando turned on the cameras for red light running over 1,100 drivers have been ticketed. That’s right 1,100 drivers putting others at risk!

And yet we get morons like Michele Biecker saying “I hate this city” and addressing her envelope with the payment inside to “City of Orlando Thieves”. Then we get so called intelligent people like Greg Mauz , a traffic safety researcher for 22 years, coming out with “Where’s the problem? Fatalities from red light violations comprise a mere 2 per cent of all U.S. fatalities (about 925 of 43,000).”

“Where’s the problem?” ” a mere 2 per cent” indeed. What kind of moron thinks that it is acceptable that 925 die needlessly each year?

I don’t often agree with what the City of Orlando does but on this topic it is bang on the mark. 1,100 drivers in two weeks says everything about why this action was necessary. 1,100 drivers at just seven intersections… let’s role out more camera’s and catch these morons that jeopardise our familes.

As for you Ms. Biecker… please move.

One Response to Morons…

  1. And when she does move I hope she waits for the door to open before she walks through it and I hope it then smashes her on the arse as she leaves. I have been nearly smashed into on 12 occasions over the past few years at 2am at the junction of Sandlake and Universal Blvd by maniacs who think that lights and speed limits don’t apply to them … shame they aren’t the 925 who die. They are a waste of oxygen and resources.

    September 27, 2008 at 10:16 am

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