My Dreams Come True Club is launched

It’s been a very hectic Christmas here at Florida Leisure Vacation Homes but we’re now able to sit back a little and proudly announce our “MY DREAMS COME TRUE” CLUB.

The idea of the club is to provide all of our past guests and members unique opportunities and experiences when visiting the Orlando area. It’s taken us around eight months to be able to put all the component parts together and we always had 1st January 2009 as our goal to launch the club. Well that date is almost here and we’re giving you a sneak peak via our blog.

The idea initially came about when we were having one of weekly staff meetings and someone said that it was about time someone did something unique in the Orlando area. We all looked at each other and said “sounds like a challenge!”.

We like challenges so we started to lay out our plans. Plans to give vacationers something different, something unique and after a lot of hard work we’re now at the point where we can offer some unique lifestyle choices and experiences.

For instance, how many people have wondered how Magic Kingdom really works? Or how many people have asked questions about how Disney looks after the animals at Animal Kingdom? Or how about learning more about the space program when visiting Kennedy Space Center?

Well, we’re pleased to announce that we are now able to give people those unique experiences. We have three backstage Walt Disney World tours where you can learn the backstage secrets at Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. We’ve even managed to get a look at Disney’s Hollywood Studios where you can see behind the scenes at the Hollywood Tower Hotel, otherwise known as The Twilight Tower of Terror.

Additionally we are also able to offer private tours of Kennedy Space Center with an astronaut or put you in a day long astronaut training program where you can taste the experience of space flight. There’s also a once in a lifetime opportunity to fly like Superman as you board G-Force One and experience zero gravity.

If motorsport is your thing, then we can fly you to our private motorsport venue where you can drive a race or rally car. You can learn to drive an ATV over a 3 mile safari course or you can learn “high performance” driving techniques.

The “My Dreams Come True” Club is exclusive to Florida Leisure Vacation Homes members and guests. Each experience will be planned by our concierge and will be unique to each member and guest. Nothing else exists like it and we’re proud to launch it.

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