Myrtle Beach… wise words from George Ross…and time to myself

Time flies fast… this time last week I’d just arrived home from a business trip to Myrtle Beach. It was one of those trips I took alone and the 8 hr car journey from Orlando to Myrtle Beach soon passed as I caught up with some listening of cd’s I’d bought a few months back.

Nigel Worrall & George Ross

Nigel Worrall and George Ross

One of the highlights was meeting up with George Ross, one of the stars of The Apprentice and Donald Trump’s attorney at The Trump Organization. It was the second time this year I’d met him and he said something that sank home… “persistance + failure = success”.  I reflected on this on the way home and I realised that the times I’ve had the most success is when I’ve been dogmatic, persistant and not afraid of failure. 

I guess that’s why I’ve always studied the wealthy and admired the likes of Trump, Branson, Ford, Carnegie, etc who fought against the people who told them they couldn’t do something or who told them they were crazy. I guess that’s also why I’m my own boss… essentially unemployable… and I like it that way!

I like the freedom it brings,  I like doing things that benefit others and I like to own a business that gives great value to it’s customers. The trip to Myrtle Beach reinforced it… for a start there was the hotel the conference was being held in… a lovely venue with a marina… but at $ 249/night? Are they nuts?


One of the problems with being the CEO of Florida Leisure Vacation Homes is that I get used to top quality accommodations at affordable prices. The idea of paying $299/night for a 400 sq. ft room just doesn’t work for me…. so I shopped around and found another hotel at $149/night… the best deal in town. But still a 400 sq. ft hotel room ! And what made it worse… my neighbors had a noisy dog yapping away. Fun… I don’t think so.

That said, it’s been the story of my life recently. I’ve had to do a fair amount of travelling attending business events and each time I’ve had to stay in an overpriced hotel… if you want to see why I hate staying in hotels so much… click here

Anyway, I’ve sort of enjoyed it in an odd sort of way. It’s reinforced the value that staying in a vacation home brings. The enormous space you get… no comparison really… 400 sq. ft or 1500 sq. ft to 4000 sq. ft…. 1 room or 3 to 7 bedrooms plus lounge plus private pool plus fully equipped kitchen plus laundry plus, plus, plus… I could go on.

The nice thing about this trip was that I actually got to spend an hour on the beach… something I hardly ever do even though I live in Florida! I also got to check out some great restaurants such as LeGrand’s Alaskan Seafood and Steak,  Collectors Cafe & Gallery, BoneFish and a place I simply couldn’t resist because it felt like home, Cheeseburger in Paradise.

It was nice to get away for a few days on my own. It was pretty much the first time I’ve done that in twenty years and it was good to get time to simply think and reflect. It’s something everyone should do… so why not come to Orlando and indulging yourself by renting a vacation home? It’s nice to spoil yourself occassionally …

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