New Book – Florida Vacation Home Owners – 5 Big Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting A Property Management Company

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My second book of the year is now out on and at other leading book stores. It’s called “Florida Vacation Home Owners – 5 Big Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting A Property Management Company” and it’s targeted at those folks who own a vacation home in Florida.

The vacation rental management business in Central Florida is a $4.1 Billion business that hardly anyone has heard of but once found, vacation rentals are THE only way to go when staying in Orlando. Unfortunately, as in all industries, there are a few bad eggs and the quickest way for a vacation to go wrong is when a home owner appoints the wrong property manager.

When that happens, guests are usually left to fend for themselves and that’s why I wrote this short book, so that owners have more information when selecting a new property manager. It’s full of hints and tips as a result of over 15 years of experience I have within this industry.

When you consider that most property managers leave or go out of business within three years, then it’s important for owners to know their property is being properly looked after and that their guests are enjoying the vacation of a lifetime.  The book is deliberately priced at a very affordable $9.95 because I wanted to ensure as many homeowners took advantage of it as possible.

My first book of the year was released in April and has been doing well. It’s called “What You Must Know About Buying Your Vacation Home” and is available at Amazon .com for $12.95.

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