Orlando Southern Women’s Show

The Orlando Southern Women’s Show is on at the Orlando-Orange County Convention Center at the moment and I decided to pay the show a visit for the first time in a few years yesterday. The show features food, fashion, shopping, celebrities, health, beauty, lifestyle and a whole load of fun to make the day worth attending.

I arrived at the show just in time to catch celebrity chef Sandra Lee take the stage and she then proceeded to supervise the production of a couple of dishes by members of the audience. She had some advice for the guys as well so make sure you watch the video below… not quite sure what I make of it!

After that I wandered around and had some fun as I explored all the aisles and tried to work out just what some of the vendors were selling. What is it exactly that you women need with some of this stuff?

Lesley Sbrocco & Nigel Worrall

Anyway, I digress…I bumped into the “Thirsty Girl”… my kind of woman…knows her wine! (That’s Lesley Sbrocco with me in the above picture.) Her web site is worth checking out at www.beathirstygirl.com and you’ll most certainly enjoy checking out some of her recommendations. Leslie is also the author of two popular books, Wine for Women, and The Simple & Savvy Wine Guide, as well as  host of two television series on PBS …Check Please! and reality show The Winemakers. She’s also the winner of two Emmy’s not to mention a James Beard award and is now busily working on her latest book and TV series very aptly called, “Adventures of a Thirsty Girl.”

Another great feature of the Southern Women’s Show – Orlando is the entertainment and it certainly didn’t disappoint as Christian super group Point of Grace took to the Best Buy Fashion & Entertainment Stage. The group has ten Dove Awards, two Grammy nominations, five gold records and two platinum records under their belts and is looking to add to their “Circle of Friends” with their new album No Changin’ Us, as well as the release of a new cookbook, Cooking with Grace.

There were many other performances going on throughout the day as well as several presentations on health, beauty and lifestyle issues. The Suspended Artistry at Orlando Aerial Arts, who are housed just down the road from the Florida Leisure office, was particularly good but for many of the women the show stopper…as always… was the Handsome Heroes Fire Fighter Fashion Show!

The show runs through Sunday 17th October and is open until 7pm today and closes at 5pm on Sunday. The cost to enter is just $9 for adults and $5 for children aged 6 thru 12. Children below the age of 6 are admitted free. The show really is good value for money so make sure to pay it a visit if you can. You’ll have a lot of fun!

Here’s some more pictures…and a video…

A busy day at Southern Ladies Show – Orlando

The Lovely Ladies of Arbonne – Nicole & Cynthia      Votre Vu Booth

Lots of cooking demonstrations going on.                    Time for a bargain!

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