Orlando Vacation Magic

Orlando Vacation Magic

By Nigel G. Worrall

The economic recession is responsible for many unfortunate situations today. It has affected salaries by making them smaller, investments by cutting their value and retirement funds have shrunk as well. The current, as well as future, employment scenario looks as grim as it has done for several years and it’s at times like this that luxuries the family routinely enjoys have to be cut back to the bone. It’s not much fun and it’s never easy telling loved ones that things you used to take for granted are now not the norm.

In such trying times, the family holiday with fancy frills and thrills is one of the most obvious to face the cut. In doing so, many of us forget that holidays and vacations need not cost much. Vacations and holidays build memories for the whole family for life and cutting back in this area can seriously damage future relationships and cause resentment and bitterness long after someone has passed away. After all, who doesn’t remember a family vacation with mom and dad or grandma and grandpa?

The vacation magic of Orlando is one way to protect your future memories. It’s a way to build quality family time and to build relationships that will carry you through future up’s and down’s.  No, you need not and should not give up your family vacation. It is possible to still have a great family vacation that is easy on your pocket and where you can still you can enjoy the comforts and extravagance of staying in a 5 star facility if you follow the following tips:

1. Selecting A Destination

It is advisable to choose a destination which is popular for its tourism. Orlando, Florida is one of the most popular destinations for vacations. More than 52 million people visit Orlando every year to explore the theme parks and to feel the sun and the sand. This means that great deals are available throughout the year.

2. On & Off Seasons

Knowing the dates or months of the low, medium & high season for tourism of a place is very important. May and September, for example, are generally low tourism months for Orlando. During these periods, there is usually an even bigger drop in the rates of hotel rooms & vacation homes; even rental car companies and theme parks usually have some special offers.

3. The Vacation Home Magic of Orlando has several important benefits for those on a limited budget and a few of these listed below:

a. Plan your vacation with your friends, family and rent a vacation home with 3,4 or 5 bedrooms. This will give you ample space for each member of the party as well as giving you the ability to also divide the cost which makes it highly economical.

b. Instead of eating your meals at expensive restaurants, usually followed by a huge bill & a heavy stomach, you can cook your own meals in the kitchen- fully equipped with necessary utensils, dishes and electrical appliances. Shop for your groceries as you would at home and save big money eating when and where you want to.

c. Most vacation homes have wi-fi internet connections and the cost is included in the overall rent you are paying.

d. Whereas in hotels, swimming pool hours are restricted, in a vacation home you can swim whenever you wish to. Most vacation homes have a private heated pool and spa facility. Besides, you can have your privacy even when you are holidaying. There are no “resort” fees to pay as it’s all included in your price.

e. Many holiday homes have activity or games rooms, which sometimes include foosball, pool and ice hockey tables. You will save money by having days in at home rather than going out to the attraction parks all the time.

f. The majority of vacation homes are located in sub-divisions which have a play area or kids tot lot. Some homes even have a private garden attached to the house and this means you and your loved ones can indulge in sports and outdoor activities together on days when you might not want to step out.
4. The Charm Of Theme Parks

While in Orlando, it is virtually impossible not to visit one of the great theme parks. By carefully researching and planning your visit online you can optimize your time and your money. There are many web sites and locations that sell park tickets in advance with a discount so that you can spend a fun filled vacation with your family.

So, you need not go without your beloved family vacation this year after all. All you need to do is plan according to your budget and find new ways to make your money go further. Enjoy your vacation!

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