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ZzzyorkiestThe AKC site listed a Top 10 Dog list for Orlando. The bulldog may have been No.1 dog nationally but in the City Beautiful, the Yorkie reigns. “With the exception of the Chihuahua and the Maltese, Orlando’s favorite breeds closely mirror the national list,” says AKC spokesperson Lisa Peterson. “However, combining that fact with the Yorkie’s placement in the top spot, it becomes clear that Orlando dog lovers have a strong preference for petite pooches.”

Orlando is one of only a few cities in the nation that does not have the Labrador Retriever listed in the top spot. The German Shepherd skyrocketed in popularity, rising from the 9th position in 2006 to the 3rd position in 2007. Despite the Bulldog’s rise in national popularity, the breed fell from the 4th position in 2006 to the 6th position in 2007.  After exclusion from the Top 10 in 2006, the Poodle reclaimed favor in Orlando, bumping the Shih Tzu (ranked 7th in 2006) off the list

I myself have a crazy Cocker Spaniel … Wallace.

1. Yorkshire Terrier

2. Labrador Retriever

3. German Shepherd

4. Boxer

5. Golden Retriever

6. Bulldog

7. Chihuahua

8. Maltese

9. Dachshund

10. Poodle

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