Rascal Flatts rock “O” Town

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Last night I was dragged to a Rascal Flatts concert in Orlando by my wife and daughters and not being much of a fan I really wasn’t looking forward to it. But, life is sent to try us and we have to battle on… sometimes when you do things you don’t want to, it works out just fine…and your life becomes enriched by the new experience.

Anyway, we arrived reasonably early, having been to Mercantile Commercial Capital’s annual Mardi Gras party (more of which later), and settled in for an evening’s entertainment.

The first thing you noticed as you entered the area at the Amway Center / TD Waterhouse Center or whatever name they are calling it this year… was the set up on the stage. The stage was set up in a big “H” section with another circular area further back towards the rear of the area. A quick glance upwards revealed a suspended bridge obviously linking the two areas together…interesting thought I. A band that clearly wants each and every person to connect with them.

The concert started and they reeled of a series of numbers that rocked “O” Town. A fabulous set and some great individual performances made for a wonderful and unexpected (for me) evening out. Gary LeVox on lead vocals really hit the sweet spot whilst Jay DeMarcus (bass guitar, harmony vocals) and Joe Don Rooney (lead guitar , harmony vocals) gave the evening some humour and a refreshing back to basics honesty as they jammed on the smller circular stage at the rear.

So for a band that I didn’t much care for, country isn’t my thing, I came away enlightened… and yes, I’d go and see them again…. if you can keep the screaming girls and women away. 😉

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