Realty TV Stars from Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Expedition Impossible, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette visit Celebration Florida 29-3 July 2011 to benefit Give Kids The World

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Over 70 stars from realty TV shows “Survivor,” “The Amazing Race”, “Big Brother,” Expedition Impossible”, “The Bachelor”, The Bachelorette as well as others from the TV world are in Celebration, Kissimmee this weekend and they will all be available to meet at the Celebration Town Center as part of their Summer Sidewalk Sale, with proceeds going to Give Kids the World.

The weekend event includes autograph signings with the reality stars, a private VIP Sponsor Party, a treasure hunt, and a Party with the Stars. The Sidewalk Sale begins with the “Sales Survivor Treasure Hunt,” which will have participants using a treasure map to navigate through Celebration Town Center in search of clues, in order to become the Sole Survivor and win $500 worth in cash and prizes.

A small $15 donation to Give Kids the World will give guests access to the autograph-signing area, where over 70 reality TV stars will be available for autographs and photos on Saturday, July 30, from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. Guests who make an additional donation of $25 can attend the Party with the Stars at Celebration Town Tavern at 10 p.m., and receive two drink tickets, finger foods, and entertainment, in addition to a chance to mingle with the stars.

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Here’s the full schedule of events:

Friday July 29, 2011:

Treasure Hunt Challenge Begins – Get your map at any of the Town Center restaurants and use the clues to navigate around town and solve the puzzle. One lucky “Sole Survivor” name will be drawn to win over $500 in cash and prizes.

Saturday July 30, 2011:

3:00 – 6:00 PM Autograph Signing in Downtown Celebration (Celebration Town Tavern)
For the Autograph Signing on Saturday- $15.00 donation to Give Kids The World gets you into the autograph area for photos and autographs with the stars. Includes a commemorative poster. Turn in a Completed Treasure Map and receive $5 off autograph line. (Due to the volume of guests and the charity donation, Autographs will be limited to one autograph item per person)

10:00 PM Celebration Town Tavern – Land Lovers Luau
Come party with the stars of “Survivor” “Big Brother” and “The Amazing Race” and other hit reality shows in this one-of-a-kind Luau themed party . For the Party Saturday Night: $25.00 donation to Give Kids The World gets you two drink tickets, finger food and admission to the party. Available at the door only on Saturday Night. NO advance tickets sold (except for part of the hotel package)

Sunday July 31st:
Last Day to return Treasure Maps to be eligible to win.

Here’s the list of stars attending the event this weekend:
Angie Swindell-Big Brother 10
Annie Whittington “The Saboteur” -Big Brother 12
Andrea Boehlke- Survivor Redemption Island
Aras Baskauskas- Survivor Panama (WINNER)
Ashley Trainer-Survivor Samoa
Ashley Underwood-Survivor Redemption Island
Ben Henry (Benry)- Survivor Nicaragua
“Big Tom”-Survivor Africa and All-Stars
Billy Garcia-Survivor Cook Islands
Bob Crowley- Survivor Gabon (WINNER)
Bobby Jon Drinkard-Survivor Palau and Guatemala
Bobby Mason- Survivor Panama
Brenda Lowe-Survivor Nicaragua
Brian Corridan-Survivor Guatemala
Bruce Kanegai-Survivor Panama
Caite Upton-The Amazing Race 16
Carolina Eastwood-Survivor Tocantins
Cao Boi-Survivor Cook Island
Chase Rice-Survivor Nicaragua
Chris Daugherty- Survivor Vanuatu (WINNER)
Chris Nordhorn “The Phantom”- The Bachelorette Season 6
Courtney Yates- Survivor China and Survivor Heroes vs Villains
Christa Hastie- Survivor Pearl Islands
Cristina Coria-Survivor Cook Islands
Dakota Lamas- Leave it to Lamas
David Murphy-Survivor Redemption Island
Denise Martin-Survivor China
Dr. Carl Bilancione-Survivor Africa
Earl Cole- Survivor Fiji (WINNER)
Eliza Orlins- Survivor Vanuatu and Survivor Micronesia
Eric Sanchez-The Amazing Race 9 & All-Stars (WINNER)
Eric Stein “America’s Player”- Big Brother 8
Erik Reichenbach-Survivor Micronesia
Gillian Larson- Survivor Gabon
Hayden Moss- Big Brother 12 (WINNER)
Holly Hoffman-Survivor Nicaragua
James Clement-Survivor China, Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains
James Miller- Survivor Palau
James Thomas (JT)- Survivor Tocantins (WINNER) Survivor Heroes vs. Villains
Jane Bright-Survivor Nicaragua
Jodi Wincheski- The Amazing Race 14
Jordan Pious- The Amazing Race 16 (WINNER)
Julie Berry-Survivor Vanuatu
Ken and Tina Greene- The Amazing Race 13
Krista Klumpp- Survivor Redemption Island
Lane Elenburg-Big Brother 12
Lea Masters “Sarge”- Survivor Vanuatu
Leslie Neace-Survivor China
Marissa May- The Bachelor
Mark Long-MTV personality/host
Matthew”Sash” Lenahan-Survivor Nicaragua
Michael Bortone “Mikey B”-Survivor Micronesia
Natalie Tenerreli-Survivor Redemption Island
Natalie White-Survivor Samoa (WINNER)
Nick Peterson-Current Reality Star
Russell Hantz-Survivor Samoa, Heroes vs. Villains, Redemption Island
Sandra Diaz-Twine- Survivor Pearl Island (WINNER), & Survivor Heroes vs. Villains (WINNER)
Spencer Duhm- Survivor Tocantins
Stephen Fishbach-Survivor Tocantins
Tanya Vance- Survivor Thailand
Teri and Ian- The Amazing Race 3 and The Amazing Race All-Stars
Terry Deitz-Survivor Panama
Tina Wesson- Survivor-The Australian Outback (WINNER) and All-Stars
Todd Herzog- Survivor China (WINNER)
Twila Tanner-Survivor Vanuatu
Tyanna Alvarado- The Apprentice 10
Wendy Jo DeSmidt-Kohloff- Survivor Nicaragua
Yve Rojas-Survivor Nicaragua

Other Special Guests
Jareb Dauplaise-Transformers 2, MTV’s The Hard Times of RJ Berger
Kyle Kaplan- 10 Things I Hate About You, Hannah Montana and more
Liz Lee- MTV’s “My Life As Liz”
Maiara Walsh- Desperate Housewives, Mean Girls 2
Trent Garrett-All My Children

More photo’s from the VIP party are here and remember to click “LIKE” on our Facebook page if you haven’t already done so.  Please, if you are in town, do go to Celebration this weekend if you can and support a terrific charity. Give Kids The World means so much to so many!

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