Sea World VIP Penguin VIP Up-Close Tour

Following on from last weeks Dolphin VIP Up-Close Tour is the Penguin version! I was fortunate to be able to do both tours in the same day and this was the second time I’d been on the penguin tour.

The tour has been updated a little with the starting point being different as you walk through the penguin encounter before then go behind the scenes and learning a lot more about the life of a Sea World trainer.

The tour is your chance to find out about life in the Antarctic and the penguins lack of fear around human beings. Inside the penguin’s habitat is a chilly atmosphere with the air temperature being 30 degrees while the water they swim around in is 45 degrees. Also, you probably never thought that snow could fall in Florida but here’s a place where it falls every day as nearly 6,000 pounds falls down on the habitat.

You’ll have a lot of fun watching and learning about the penguins and it’s really a great tour with an added bonus or two thrown in. The Florida Leisure concierge would be happy to help book a tour for you and your family next time you are in Orlando.

Here’s a short video:

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