SeaWorld rehabilitates two American white pelicans

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For the past month, the SeaWorld Orlando Animal Rescue Team, including veterinarians and aviculturists, has been caring for two American white pelicans that were brought to SeaWorld for rehabilitation due to substantial injuries.

On March 7, Pierre, a juvenile male white pelican, was brought to SeaWorld from Bradenton, Fla., by the Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center on Anna Maria Island after being found suffering from a wing injury.


On March 8, Claire, an adult female white pelican, was brought to SeaWorld from St. John River due to an injured wing.  SeaWorld’s Animal Rescue Team later discovered she had shotgun pellets scattered throughout her body.

The experts at SeaWorld were able to use their state-of-the-art facility and rehabilitation equipment to examine the birds and ensure the best possible care was provided to them during their rehabilitation.

“Once treated, we introduced the two in their very own rehabilitation habitat here at SeaWorld, and it was apparent the two made an instant connection,” says Sherry Branch, Curator of SeaWorld’s Aviculture Team.  “Pierre and Claire spend their days side-by-side, feeding together and resting together.  It is comforting for them and for us that they have each other.” 


SeaWorld animal experts have helped more than 25,000 animals in need – ill, injured, orphaned and abandoned – for more than five decades.  The goal at SeaWorld is to rescue, rehabilitate and return.  In this particular case, Claire was so severely injured that she would not be able to survive on her own in her natural environment.  Once fully healed, she will move to Pelican Point Preserve at SeaWorld Orlando to live with other pelican ambassadors at SeaWorld, including two American white male pelicans.

For Pierre, SeaWorld’s animal rescue team is working to see if he will be able to fly again and if so, he will be able to return to his natural habitat.

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