SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular

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Sea World’s Halloween Spooktacular comes to an end this weekend and there’s still time to visit and dance with an ice DJ, learn from a school of fish or play with a sea fairy. There’s also lots of candy to be had as more than 2 million pieces of trick-or-treat sweets are being handed out during this Halloween extravaganza.

One of Seasame Street’s favorite residents, The Count, along with his friends from Sesame Street, even gets into the Halloween spirit, with Count Von Count’s Spooktacular character breakfast. Little ones can sing, groove and mingle side-by-side with Sesame Street characters, while listening to Halloween-themed music and enjoying a special breakfast “boo”-ffet.

Spooktacular Highlights

Trick-or-Treat Sea Sweets: Using their Spooktacular maps, costumed youngsters can search for hidden “fantasea” treasures at more than a dozen different stations, all featuring an array of sweet treats.

Frozen Fun Zone: An ice DJ will melt the ice during a Spooktacular celebration sure to heat up the area with interactive games and activities.

Strolling Entertainment: Gummy Worm Wanda, Salt Water Taffy and Swedish Fish Suzy are among the 35 fanciful sea creatures that will once again join the “Spook-tastic” fun, welcoming trick-or-treaters as they stroll through colorful, playful schools of pumpkin fish.

Wild Things at Seafire Inn: In this show, guests will gain a new appreciation for nature’s most misunderstood creepy creatures as they take center stage at Seafire Inn.

Here’s what Misty, the High Point University and Florida Leisure Summer Intern, had to say:

“We visited Sea World Orlando and had an absolutely wonderful time. As a college student, sometimes Sea World gets overlooked when planning a trip to Florida. However, I am very glad that we were able to stop by and check it out for a while. The lines were very reasonable and we were able to hit all of the attractions, including seeing EVERY show and ride every ride we wanted to without a huge wait! The hot Florida heat was no match for the splash zones at Shamu Stadium and The Whale and Dolphin Theatre, along with getting to watch some amazing shows we were able to cool off by the huge splashes the animals made while performing.
Manta, in my opinion one of the best roller costers of any theme park in Florida, had a 10 minute wait when we arrived at the park and we were able to ride it several times. We also got to enjoy Sea World’s Halloween Spooktakular which was an absolutely wonderful experience. We got to walk around and get candy and just enjoy the scenery and exhibits of Sea World.”

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