Star Trek : The Exhibition comes to Kennedy Space Center

Opening this weekend at Kennedy Space Center is the maiden voyage of Sci-Fi Summer: Where Science Fiction Meets Fact. NASA’s Kennedy Space Center complex launches Sci-Fi Summer today, 11th June, as a celebration of the last 50 years of human spaceflight and science fiction during the limited time exhibition. Sci-Fi Summer blends the technology, innovation and exploration of NASA with the adventures of Star Trek, one of the most popular science fiction programs worldwide.

Appearing for the first time in the southeast, Star Trek: The Exhibition, from EMS Exhibits, Inc., is an interactive exhibit of authentic Star Trek artifacts from the past 45 years, featuring one of a kind costumes, props and filming models from every Star Trek television series and feature film. Together these components offer Star Trek Fans and novices alike an opportunity to experience first hand the imagination, artistry, technology and meticulous craftsmanship that have made Star Trek the most enduring science fiction franchise in history.

This is your chance to go deep within the the Star Trek universe to discover the history of this ground breaking series and a recreation of the U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge from the original series, where you can sit in the command chair of Star Trek’s most famous captain: James T. Kirk. Sit in the actual Captain’s chair, see the props and costumes used in the TV Series’ and films, and enjoy one of a kind displays, including Engineering and Sick Bay replica sets from Star Trek: The Next Generation, interactive kiosks, rare photo opportunities and unique adventures.

So make sure you go to Kennedy Space Center soon because the event starts today and finishes on 5th September… there’s a lot to see ! More pictures are here and please click below to watch a short preview video!

PS. Tomorrow I’ll be telling you about Star Trek Live! … an exciting and interactive stage show featuring Vulcan’s and humans. Check back in the morning!

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