Tacky Fabulous

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I’ve never been to Orlando, but after reading the “Guide to All Things Tacky Fabulous in Orlando” blog, I’m tempted to visit.This infomercial from a car dealer called Family Auto Mart is truly tacky fabulous. The theme song is incredibly catchy, and the host is like a 300-lb hummingbird with an espresso IV drip.

Picture 5-50 I was trying to figure out how to describe these guys, for those of you who aren’t in the Orlando TV viewing area and haven’t been lucky enough to bear witness to the owner being harnessed to the front of a sleigh during the holiday season. Suffice it to say, the brothers from Family Auto Mart are a visual product, best enjoyed on a late night bender.Fortunately, their website is as tacky fabulous as their TV spots.

OK, so where to begin? They have merchandise, a fan club (with photos from an autograph signing), a CD, a bio that reads longer than War and Peace (without a spell-checker), an instructional video (so you can do the “Family Man Dance” at home), and a great motto which is clearly the work of a fancy ad agency (“Kiss me in Kissimmee!”). Oh, and I think they sell cars, too.

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