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Splash! Animals

Over the last 24 hours a lot of people have asked me about “Splash! Animals” after seeing them on the video I posted on this blog about the opening of “Cheetah Run” and “Cheetah Hunt.” Splash! Animals is a live art experience committed to the conservation of endangered animals. It is an award-winning conservation focused […]

Cheetah Run and Cheetah Hunt Open at Busch Gardens Tampa

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I went to Busch Gardens Tampa last night to take another look at Cheetah Run and Cheetah Hunt ahead of the official opening this Memorial Day. A lot has changed since my last visit and it certainly all looks very impressive. Gone are the construction walls, the bulldozers and the construction noise and now it’s […]

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Orlando … The Place To Be This Summer

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Have you made your vacation plans for the Summer? If not, you’ll want to check out what’s going on in Orlando as there’s lots of new stuff going on at the theme parks this year. There’s a killer whale show, a new roller-coaster, a cheetah habitat, a zip-line ride over alligators and there’s also the […]

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Cheetah Hunt on Track

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Construction crews have now installed the final piece of track that completes Cheetah Hunt’s epic 4,429-foot run – a record length among Busch Gardens Tampa’s coasters. Busch Gardens’ design & engineering team also lost no time in getting the mega-attraction’s trains on the track for the first round of testing and last at the end […]

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Busch Gardens’ announced yesterday that the new Cheetah Hunt triple launch roller coaster will be up and running during Memorial Day weekend, along with it’s Cheetah Run exhibit of live cheetahs. I went along yesterday to take a look at the progress so far as Mark Rose, Busch Gardens’ vice president for design and engineering, […]

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Cheetah Hunt & Cheetah Run at Busch Gardens Update

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Last week this blog (click here for last weeks blog) covered the news that Busch Gardens is developing a new area, Cheetah Run and Cheetah Hunt,  at its famous Tampa theme park, so I decided to trek the hour journey from Florida Leisure Vacation Home land to see what was going on. Here’s a couple […]

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Busch Gardens Tampa Announces New Thrills

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Just got this press release from Busch Gardens in Tampa… great news… Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Introduces A New Breed of Speed New Mega-Attraction Pairs Up-Close Encounters and High-Speed Thrills in Cheetah Hunt and Cheetah Run Wednesday, Oct. 13 (Tampa, FL) – For more than five decades, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay has found inspiration in […]

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