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Jimmie Johnson wins Daytona 500 as Danica Patrick finishes 8th

Five-time champion Jimmie Johnson won his second Daytona 500, passing defending series champion Brad Keselowski on a restart with 19 laps remaining Sunday and fending off Hendrick Motorsports teammate Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s last-lap charge. Danica Patrick, who started from the pole position and became the first woman to lead the Great American Race, finished eighth […]

It’s Daytona 500 day again and after the track break up farce of last year, race organizers will be hoping things go a lot more smoothly. The track has been re-paved to such an extent that Nascar Champion Matt Kenseth was heard to remark “I think you could run the whole race on one set […]

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Motorsport in Florida

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Florida is known for its theme parks, warm weather and its thrill a minute environment. The Sunshine State is also a hot place to visit for motorsport enthusiasts as it is home to some of the most important events in the world. Perhaps one of the most famous races is the Daytona 500, otherwise known […]

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Daytona Pictures

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Here’s some of the photos that our team took last weekend at the Daytona 500. Any other race fans got any pictures they want to share?

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The Great American Race – Daytona 500

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We had our “Best” team out again this weekend and they were over at Daytona to see the Daytona 500 – The Great American Race. It was an interesting race that seemed to go on forever and the eventual winner was Jamie McMurray in his No. 1 Chevrolet. For those of you who don’t know, […]

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Daytona 500

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Daytona 500,  the Great American Race comes round again this weekend. If you’re not into NASCAR, I should explain that it is a cornucopia of noise and speed, from pre-race music to high-powered engines, with colored flags waving on the track and the American flag all around. It’s the home of people like Jeff Gordon, […]

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